Our Philosophy

Daniel’s Chocolate Affair

Born and raised in Belgium, chocolate was an inseparable part of my daily diet.  I still remember how good it was to let it melt in my mouth and try to make the piece last as long as possible in order to be the last one in the family still enjoying it.

With the guidance of Clovis Harmegnie, an exceptionally passionate Belgian master chocolatier, I grew up with deep appreciation for the art of making chocolates and developed high demand for the finest ingredients.  That is why I made a promise to myself and my customers over 25 years ago that Daniel’s confections would always be created without compromise, with zealous adherence to purity.

We use purely 100% natural ingredients – preservative free, no artificial colorings and flavors, no hydrogenated, vegetable and tropical fats Belgian chocolate making techniques.

Today, this rare level of commitment to such demanding standards is what sets Daniel le Chocolat Belge apart, and keeps our customers coming back for more.

I want to thank you for sharing my passion for chocolate.  You inspire me every time you choose our fresh Belgian chocolates to be a part of your family and other celebrations.

Daniel Poncelet,


Adherence To Purity

1. Pure Natural Ingredients

All NaturalThere is nothing comparable to fresh and natural ingredients like whipping cream and butter. By using high quality natural ingredients, Daniel’s chocolates taste rich and flavorful without the need of artificial flavor additives.  Your will never find preservatives, artificial flavorings and hydrogenated or tropical fats in our recipes.

2. Pure Belgian Chocolate Making Techniques

The majority of Daniel’s chocolates are shell-molded because it is the traditional process practiced in Belgium. Although shell-molding process involves more steps and time to complete than the common enrobing method, the elegant and symmetrical finish is well worth the effort.

See Chocolate Map and FAQ for detailed information about our chocolates.