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Personalized Boxes
Customized boxes by Daniel chocolates. Business Gifts


Our personalized Box Program offers you a unique opportunity to reward your best clients with a very special gift that will make them feel how much you appreciate their business.

This is also a great opportunity to elevate your brand by partnering with Daniel Chocolates, the best loved chocolates in Vancouver.

Just download the template and apply your logo, colors and messages on the lid of the box. We have on file the design of the base of the box that contains all legal information regarding declaration of ingredients and nutritional values. So, you don’t have to worry about that part.

The 22 and 44 chocolate boxes use the same lid. The bases are different as the 22-chocolate box is one layer and the 44 chocolate box has 2 layers.

As an added advantage, you don’t have to purchase all your boxes at once. We keep them and you order whatever and whenever you need.

The only thing to be paid upfront is 30% of the total cost of the order as indicated on the table below. That should cover the cost of printing your boxes. The price per quantity in the table is the net price as it already takes the volume discount in consideration.

Box – Quantity 100 Boxes 200 Boxes 300 Boxes 400 Boxes
22 Chocolates  $26.00/box  $24.00/box  $23.00/box  $22.00/box 
44 Chocolates  $38.00/box  $35.00/box  $34.00/box  $33.00/box

We request an unrefundable deposit of 30% of the total of the order at the time that it is placed. Minimum quantity 100 boxes. Metallic colors are not supported. The lid has a satin finish. Estimated time for delivery, around 3 weeks after receiving the printer approval on your file.


Desing your lid using our template (Adobe Illustrator).

Download Template
  • Please, contact us for higher quantities not listed on the price table.
  • You can also personalize our Hedgehog Box 12 or 24 with your own logo and corporate colors. Contact us for more information.


Fill the form and upload your desing.