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To all my obsessive chocolate lovers and cocoa aficionados, welcome to my new website and blog!

When I was a young boy in Belgium, I had little idea of what my future may bring. All I cared about was how sweet and smooth the chocolate was which I indulged in daily. Who would have guessed I’d be writing about cocoa content and chocolate-making on a computer, in a blog?

Yet here I am. I am the owner of Daniel Le Chocolate Belge, and chocolate is my lifelong obsession.

My goal has always been to deliver the finest chocolate experience to my customers. For the 35 years I’ve been in business, I have always sourced out and used fresh 100 percent natural ingredients, the finest cocoa and am constantly fine-tuning my methods.

Just recently, I’ve made an exciting change to cater to your desire for exceptionally rich, quality chocolate to an even greater level….

 More cocoa. Less sugar.

Yes, we’ve changed our recipes! But not to worry, it comes without compromise in taste or texture. On the contrary:  everything’s improved (if that’s even possible).  You see, I’ve increased the cocoa content to an unprecedented 44% in our milk chocolate and 66% in our dark.

What this change really means is you experience the richest most purely concentrated cocoa in every mouthful, and less sugar to go with it. It also means you’ll savour an even more robust delivery of flavours from the other natural ingredients.

We made this industry-first change for one reason, and for one reason only. Because we are constantly striving to ensure our chocolate satisfies your hunger and desire for the purest, most sumptuous chocolate experience.

And as always, it is my extreme pleasure at Daniel Le Chocolat Belge to feed your obsession.



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