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A row of 9 is so fine. The perfect number of assorted chocolates and truffles.


Signature 18 is the perfect gift for a small party. 18 Truffles, chocolates and caramels to be oohed and ahhed over.


Signature 26 is the ideal crowd pleaser: 26 truffles, chocolates and caramels in two never-ending levels.


Signature 36 chocolates box. More choice means nobody leaves unsatisfied. A box of 36 sumptuous truffles, chocolates and caramels.


Signature 52 brings three levels of chocolates, truffles and caramels to tempt every chocolate lover in the vicinity.


Legacy 22 satisfies everyone's temptations with 22 assorted truffles, chocolates and caramels.


When 10, 20 or 30 are not quite enough: choose the Legacy 44 pieces box of assorted truffles, chocolates and caramels.