Easter Collection
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Easter collection

Easter Collection

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purity logoEaster is fast approaching. For more assortments check out our Daniel boxes. All our products are all natural.

  • Oscar with Jelly Beans

    Oscar with Jelly Beans


    Our Solid Oscar Bunny surrounded by All Natural Jelly Beans - 185 grams

  • Half Egg Container

    Half Egg Container


    Half Egg Container filled with easter chocolates

  • Sea Salt Caramel Egg

    Half Sea Salt Caramel Egg


    Daniel's delicious Sea Salt Caramel inside a foiled 1/2 egg - 20 grams

  • Easter Nostalgia Box

    Easter Nostalgia Box


    20 delicious Belgian chocolates and 4 Easter bunnies

  • Easter hen box imge

    Easter Hen Box


    NEW Colourful Easter Hen Box filled with 26 Assorted Chocolates

  • Cleo Easter Bunny



    Cleo Easter Bunny - 125 grams, 15 cm

  • Double Happy Bunny Lollipops

    Double Happy Bunny Lollipops


    Double Happy Bunny solid Lollipops

  • Calimero Hatching Chick



    Calimero Hatching Chick - 130 grams, 50 cm

  • Solid easter eggs

    Solid Eggs in a Bag


    25 assorted solid easter eggs - 150 grams

  • Bag of 24 Mini Bars

    Bag of 24 Mini Bars


    24 pieces of 9 gram Belgian chocolate bars

  • Easter Truffle Box

    Truffle Box


    Six delicious colourful Truffle Eggs

  • Pam Pam Easter Bunny

    Pam Pam


    Pam Pam Easter Bunny

  • Easter Oscar Bunny image

    Oscar Bunny


    Solid Chocolate Bunny- 100 grams

  • Easter Window Box image

    Easter Egg Window Box


    NEW Easter Window Box filled with Truffle Eggs and Hollow Eggs

  • Easter Mini Bars Image

    Easter Mini Bars


    Cute mini 9 gram Assorted Easter bars

  • Easter Marshmallow Bar image

    Marshmallow Bar


    Delicious homemade marshmallow covered in Dark Belgian Chocolate

  • Easter Flower Pouch image

    Flower Pouch


    Daniel’s colourful Truffle Eggs in milk and dark

  • 18 Chocolates in a window box


    18 Belgium Chocolates in an Easter Box

  • Easter gift box image

    Easter Gift Box


    12 Belgian Chocolates in an Easter Gift box

  • Peanut butter bunnies

    Peanut Butter Bunnies


    Box of 12 bunnies filled with scrumptious Organic Peanut Butter

  • Laughy



    Laughy, cute laughing bunny - 75 grams, 11.5 cm

  • Hollow easter eggs in a bag

    Two Easter Eggs in a Bag


    Two scrumptious hollow easter eggs in a bag

  • Organza bag with treats

    Organza Bag with Treats


    Green organza bag filled with a foiled Easter bunny and 3 easter eggs

  • Half Peanut Butter Egg

    Half Peanut Butter Egg


    Daniel's Organic Peanut Butter inside a half foiled egg - 60 grams

  • Marshmallow Eggs

    Two Marshmallow Eggs in bag


    In house made marshmallow inside a delicious Belgian chocolate egg

  • Mr. Smiley

    Mr. Smiley


    Solid Easter bunny holding an egg - 60 grams