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Some bunny is sure to love you for such a decadent and delicious gift. Celebrate Easter this year in the finest of taste.


Perfect for a Family Sharing! 4 XL eggs, 4 Mr. Belly Bunny, 8 solid eggs in a cute keepsake box.


Enchanting keepsake box - 26 chocolates and eggs


1 Milk Chocolate Laughy Bunny, 2 Large Eggs, 2 Mr. Belly Bunny, 4 Solid Eggs.


Old Time Favorite - Daniel Selection of 20 chocolates, eggs and 4 Mr. Belly bunnies.


Spring is in the Air! 8 assorted Truffles Eggs and 2 XL Eggs.


A Cute Hostess Gift. 12 assorted chocolates.


9 chocolates Truffles Eggs. A delight!


Half Shell Egg made with chocolate and filled with assorted chocolates, Eggs and a bunny. Buy one Small 150gr Half Egg Container for $16.95 or two for $30.


A lovely 150-gram bag of solid assorted eggs in a bag, for hiding or devouring. Buy one Solid Eggs in a Bag for $12.95 or two for $23


This 3D Figurine Bunny is Proud to be in the Parade with his Basket 125gr / 17cm.


The Easter Parade Favorite 3D Figurine Bunny 190 gr / 15 cm.


This 3D Figurine Bunny is always happy (75gr / 11.5cm)


This Dinosaur 3D figurine in Milk chocolate thinks he is a Bunny (110gr /15.5cm).


This chick 3D Figurine is Happy to get out of his Shell (130gr / 15cm).


This solid bunny is proud to be in the Easter Parade (110gr). Purchase one Oscar Bunny for $6.95 or two for $12.


This solid bunny is proud to be in the Easter Parade (150gr) with his 100% natural jelly beans (14cm). Purchase one Oscar with Jelly Beans for $9.95 or two for $17.


Milk Chocolate Mr. Slim Bunny with 100 % Natural Jelly Beans


A cute wood basket that can be reused year after year! Includes 1 Smiley Bunny, Mr. Slim with Jelly Beans, 2 Belly Bunnies, 2 Solid Eggs.


A metal bucket with a lot of future use. Includes 2 Bunny Lollipops, Mr. Slim Bunny with Jelly Beans,2 XL Eggs, 2 Solid Eggs, and 1 Mr. Belly Bunny.


Solid Bunny with an egg (70gr). Purchase one Mr. Smiley for $4.50 or four for $16.


12 adorable, delicious, and 100% natural Peanut Butter Milk Bunnies.


So Decadent! 60gr of absolute delight. Foiled and cello wrapped.


XL eggs with all natural marshmallow, individually wrapped in cello.


Colorful, Foiled and Ready for the Easter Hunt.


A cute stable Eggcup. With a large egg to enjoy! Buy one Egg Cup with XL Egg for $8.95 or two for $15.


Another favorite of Daniel Chocolate Easter Parade. Includes 3 assorted Solid Eggs and Mr. Belly Bunny. Buy one Organza Bag with Treats for $4.75 or four for $17.


3 solid Eggs in an Easter cello.


9gr mini solid chocolate bars; Happy Easter Bunny in milk and dark chocolate. Buy envelope with 4 chocolates for $3.95, envelope 8 for $6.95 or envelope 12 for $10.95.


9 gr mini solid chocolate bars; Happy Easter Bunny in milk and dark chocolate.


Two 3D Eggs in a bag; So fun to devour that one just isn't enough (70gr)! Buy one Bag of Two Easter Eggs for $4.95 or four bags for $17. 


2 Happy Bunny lollipops.