Fall Collection
The finest chocolate experience

Fall Collection

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purity logoAll products are available in our Vancouver retail locations. All our candies are made with all natural ingredients and are tastier then ever!

  • Sea Salt Caramel Box

    Sea Salt Caramel Box


    6 Dark Sea Salt Carmel Chocolates in our signature clear top box

  • Gold Tray of 5 Chocolates

    Gold Tray of 5 Chocolates


    Halloween gold try of five chocolates

  • Halloween wise owl

    Wise Owl


    Halloween wise owl

  • Fall Collection Pumpkin and Goody bag Image

    Pumpkin and Goodie Bag


    Lollipop treats or pumpkin in cello bag

  • Fall Collection Spooky Cat Images

    Spooky Cat


    Halloween spooky cat

  • Chocolate Orange or Cream Box 

    12 Chocolate Orange or Cream Box


    Fall Gift Box of 12 scrumptious assorted chocolates

  • Fall Collection Hot Chocolate Images

    Hot Chocolate


    Daniel's delicious Hot Chocolate. Just heat up milk and stir!

  • Fall Collection Fall Chocolettes Images

    Fall Chocolette™


    Individually wrapped 9 gram bars in envelopes of 4, 8, 12 & 24

  • Thank you cone

    Thank You Cone


    Daniel's new truffles in a fun cone

  • Halloween Mini Bar Envelopes

    Halloween Chocolette™


    Individually wrapped bars in envelopes of 4, 8, 12 or a bag of 24

  • Fall Collection Dinosaurs Images

    Dinosaur Figurine and Lollipops


    Daniels NEW Dinosaur Lollipops and Lulu Figurine in Milk Chocolate

  • Fall figurines

    Fall Figurines


    Small solid turkey, large turkey figurine, solid flat turkey and squirrel figurine

  • Fall Collection Thank you chocolates Image

    Thank You Chocolette™


    Individually wrapped 9 gram bars in envelopes of 4, 8, 12 & 24

  • Fall Collections Happy Thanksgiving Chocolettes Image

    Happy Thanksgiving Chocolette™


    Individually wrapped 9 gram bars in envelopes of 4, 8, 12, & 24

  • Fall Collection Dome Truffles

    Dome Truffles


    Tray of 5 truffles: chai vanilla and lemon or chai vanilla and amaretto

  • Fall Collection Painted Leaves Image

    Painted Leaves


    Solid Milk and Dark Chocolate leaves painted with all natural colours for Fall

  • 12 Bite Size Turkey Box

    Turkey Pencil Box


    Our popular signature box with 18 solid bite sized chocolate turkeys