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purity logo Organic flour milled locally
  • Poire Bel Helene

    Croissant dough filled with a velvety vanilla bean cream and Belgian chocolate chips then topped with a pear

  • Blueberry Danish

    Croissant Dough layered with rich pastry cream and fresh blueberries

  • Madeleine

    Traditional small sponge cake made in a classic shell-like form with a hint of orange zest

  • Cranberry Scone

    English-style scone made with a butter-free biscuit, cranberry raisins and orange confit

  • Feuillete Apricot

    Puff pastry topped with rich almond cream and sliced apricots

  • Feuillete Apple

    Puff pastry topped with fresh apple compote, sliced apples and homemade glaze with lemon and orange zest

  • Apricot Danish

    Croissant dough with pastry cream, apricots and finished with lemon glaze.

  • Pain au Chocolat

    Croissant dough wrapped around homemade 62% dark Belgian chocolate bars

  • Torsade Chocolat

    Croissant dough with velvety vanilla bean cream and 60% dark Belgian chocolate chips

  • Cinnamon Danoise

    Croissant dough with cinnamon filling

  • Danoise Raisin

    Croissant dough with in house made rum pastry cream and sultana raisins

  • Almond Croissant

    Croissant dough baked then filled with rich almond cream, garnished with fresh sliced almonds and re-baked for pure deliciousness

  • Croissant

    Croissant dough made with real butter

  • Apple Crumble

    Croissant Dough with crisp apple compote and oats