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Valentine Collection

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  • Velvet Heart Box

    Velvet Heart Box


    The best selection of Daniel Chocolate in a luxurious velvet heart box from Belgium. Available in two sizes Large 22 pieces and X-Large 32 Pieces

  • Valentine Collection Heartsy Box

    Heartsy Box


    New Heartsy Box filled with Daniels best sellers

  • Heart Box Small

    Heart Box Small


    Delicious assorted Belgian Chocolate in a beautiful Heart Box. Includes both Milk and Dark chocolate in either a Pink or Blue Heart Box

  • chocolate cone

    Chocolate Cone


    Daniel's new truffles in a fun cone

  • 12 chocolate box

    12 Chocolates Box


    Daniel’s selection of assorted Belgian Chocolates in a Valentine's Box

  • Solid Hearts

    Solid Hearts in Bag


    Assorted Foiled Heart in an Organza Bag. Available in 2 sizes

  • Velvet Heart Box XX-Large

    Velvet Heart Box XX-Large


    A box for the best Valentine. This luxurious Velvet Heart Box fits 55 pieces of Daniel’s best Belgian Chocolate

  • 6 chocolate hearts

    6 Chocolate Box of Hearts


    Daniel’s delicious hearts in a box for everyone to see. Packaged with just our Sea Salt Caramels or Assorted with White Lemon, Milk Hazelnut Cream and Dark Sea Salt Caramel

  • 85 gram valentine bars

    85 Gram Valentine Bars


    85 Gram Solid Chocolate Bar

  • Heart Container

    Chocolate Heart Container


    Daniel's hand picked chocolates in an edible heart container

  • Valentine CollectionGummy Bears Covered in Dark Chocolate image

    Gummy Bears Covered in Dark Chocolate


    All Natural Gummy Bears Covered in Belgium Dark Chocolate

  • Valentine Collection Marshmallow with Hearts image

    Marshmallow with Hearts


    5 pieces of scrumptious homemade marshmallow bites covered in dark chocolate and decorated with heart

  • Valentine Collection Marshmallow Bar image

    Marshmallow Bar


    Homemade Marshmallow covered in Dark Chocolate and decorated for Valentines

  • Valentine Collection Bear Lollipop image

    Bear Lollipop


    Cute solid bear lollipop

  • Valentine Collection Sweetheart Lollipop

    Sweetheart Lollipop


    Delicious Lollipop for Valentines with Sweethearts on it

  • Heart Box Medium

    Heart Box Medium


    Delicious assorted Belgian chocolates in a beautiful Pink Heart Box. Includes both Milk and Dark chocolates

  • Hot Chocolate Pop

    Hot Chocolate Pop


    Delicious Belgian chocolate great for hot chocolate! Just heat up milk and stir.

  • Valentine Collection 30 gram bars image

    30 Gram Valentine Bars


    Solid 30 gram Chocolate Bars in fun wrappers

  • gift box of 12 mini bars

    Gift Box of 12 Mini Bars


    Fun Valentine's Day Mini Bars

  • Valentine Collection Box of 8 mini bars image

    Box of 8 Mini Bars


    Box of eight 9g mini bars

  • mr. prince frog

    Mr. Prince Frog


    Looking for your Prince? Look no further! -200g

  • Amy Cat


    Hollow Kitty Cat - 100 grams

  • Brett Monkey


    A hollow monkey for your monkey - 100 grams

  • boogie dog

    Boogie Dog


    Holllow puppy in either milk or dark chocolate- 100 grams

  • double solid hearts

    Double Solid Hearts


    Two solid hearts in a Valentine's Bag 70g

  • Solid Hearts

    Single Solid Heart


    Solid foiled heart 35g

  • Triple Heart Lollipop


    Double solid lollipops with triple hearts

  • Solid Flower Box


    36 solid chocolate flowers in both milk and dark

  • 5 chocolates mini box

    5 Chocolates Mini Box


    4 pieces of Daniel's chocolates with a foiled heart for Valentine's Day