• Free of preservatives
  • Only real fruit, cream and infused flavours.
  • Free of palm oil or any hydrogenated vegetable fat.


  • Since 1981.
  • Belgian Chocolatiers tradition.
  • Chocolate artisans.


  • Pure Belgian chocolate, made with the finest cocoa beans
  • 100% cocoa butter
  • Less sugar than most chocolates

Customer Testimonials

I've pass by this place a million times while shopping in South Granville and has been in my bookmark for ages.  One beautiful afternoon of shopping I've decided to walk in.   I didn't know they had tables, I thought it was just a chocolate shop, more like a "chocolate cafe" my kind of place.   I looked around a lot of yummy chocolate, gift sets and so on.  But I was here for the baked goods, the almond croissant caught my eye as it always does. I accompanied it with a small espresso.   The chocolate shop had a sweet lady working.  She brought my espresso and almond croissant to my table, my espresso came with a piece of chocolate, sweet touch!  The almond croissant was soooo good!  It’s big, topped with lots of almonds nice chewy outer layer and nice soft, not too sweet, but just the right amount of sweetness, if that makes sense? So if you want a break from shopping this is a great little Chocolatier / cafe.
Margie B.
Daniel's French Pastries "To Die For". The best kept secret for extraordinary French pastries is Daniel Chocolat Belge at 2820 Granville Street near the new Shopper's Drug Mart. I can honestly say I have not had more delicious almond croissants or brioche in even Paris. Then again the pastry chef is French. The chocolate store has a few tables in the front. Each cappuccino, latte or regular coffee is made fresh and brought to your table served in china. A wafer of Daniel's smooth chocolate accompanies it. Soft relaxing music plays in the background allowing for conversations to flow. The lady at the counter is always so pleasant and waits patiently as you are faced with the dilemma of picking out the most tempting pastry! Note that the pastries arrive at 9:30 a.m. Meanwhile you might want to pamper yourself or someone else by purchasing a few of their delectable Belgium chocolates.
We stayed at the Wedgewood they had complimentary chocolates in the room.  They were so tasty we had to go to the store and bring some back for friends.
Sharon S.
Delicious chocolates and delicious pastries!!!!  Daniel uses all natural locally ground flour, and mostly organic ingredients.  I wish they'd serve organic milk for their lattes. But their loose leaf tea is a nice replacement as well.  My favourite pastry is the raisin Danish and I'd highly recommend their macarons, made of natural sugars and natural colors. Nothing artificial!!!
Tara N.
I have been going here on and off for years, mostly to window shop at some of the really cute chocolates, however, I am in it for the maple products. I am a sucker for maple flavour anything....with bacon always a plus (although they do not carry any maple bacon items). The staff are always friendly and the prices are competitive and decent. I love grabbing those individual specialty flavours of hot chocolate as stocking stuffers.
Shila B.
Excellent coffee and pastries! Nice atmosphere and decor , clean and friendly .
Roxana Whetham
Daniel, you are magnificent! My mouth keeps trying to pull me down the street to your shop! Your chocolate is so smooth and yummy, I am in LOVE!!!
Love a cappuccino with a little chocolate on the side.
Jacqueline Haig
This is a nice little Chocolatier conveniently located on Robson at Thurlow.  The woman behind the counter was very pleasant while we selected the chocolates for a  gift box.  I purchased a medium box along with a handful of 85 gram bars and happily walked out the door for under $50 CDN.   The verdict on taste was that their chocolate is good but not close to the Zurich and Paris shops that I have recently visited.  On a plus side they are about half the cost of the great European Chocolatier.  I would highly recommend Daniel Le Chocolat if you visit Vancouver.  BTW their pastries are very good.
Kenny N.
Daniel's is the cutest coffee shop! Super friendly service. The customers are always smiling and super satisfied. Lots of variety, would definitely recommend.
Stopped in here while wandering around on Robson.  The first thing you notice is the heavenly chocolate smell.  The lady behind the counter was too nice and even put out new samples for us (hazelnut = love, in case you were wondering.)  After looking through the case hungrily, I settled on a dark chocolate mint truffle.  It's not cheap, but it's not insanity either...I paid under $2 for my truffle, but I'd gladly shell out for such delicious, melt-in-my-mouth goodness.  This is a case of quantity vs. quality--and in this case, quality definitely wins!
Danielle S.
LOVED these chocolates the first time I tasted them!
Colleen O’Neill
The pastries in this place are very similar to what you would get in Paris in taste and quality! I have an undying love for chocolate macarons and these guys have the best I have tried in Vancouver - and I have tried a lot (even the ones at Thomas Haas).
Sapna C.
The best hand made ice-cream ever. Nice flavour - distinct, lovely, elegant. Bravo Daniel Chocolates!! Bravo
Sophie Aftab
I love this little chocolate shop! The chocolates are very good quality -- not the best in the city, to be sure, but they are SO reasonably priced compared to all of the other high end chocolates I've found (usually around a dollar apiece, depending on size).  I have a very important hobby of trying to taste all the artisan chocolates in Vancouver 🙂 and this is one place I keep returning to time and time again. Aside from chocolates, they also have some candies and a small but delicious selection of French pastries.  I give the shop four stars for the chocolate, but they get a bonus star because the people who work there are always so genuinely friendly and welcoming. I guess it's hard to be sad when you work in a chocolate shop, but still, they set the bar high for a retail service experience. Check this place out. You are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face and chocolate in your belly. What more could you ask for?
Callie M.
I have enjoyed Daniel's chocolate for years, to me they rival any that I've eaten anywhere including Belgium, where I go frequently. The quality is amazing and I've been spoiled by it to any other. The great thing about true Belgian chocolate is that you're not excepted to buy pounds at a time , it's perfectly ordinary to buy 1 piece , as do a lot of little old ladies in Belgium , they buy 1 piece a day .... go and buy 1 piece and make your own judgement. Happy degustation..fine chocolate is like wine...enjoy ...
Martine Arnold
Spent 4 days in Vancouver April 2017. Daniel's shop on Robson was a gem to discover. The chocolates were smooth and silky, the coconut ice cream was exquisite, the latte with a piece of chocolate was so good but my weakness was the almond croissant with the frangipane paste. I found heaven in savoring the almond croissants. It's the best I have had on earth, really!!! The staff were so friendly and accommodating. Yes, I went twice a day for four days at Daniel's and don't feel guilty. The other pastries with fruit were so delicious as well. I always bought extras as a snack. It would be a welcome delight if a Daniel's store could be opened in Edmonton very soon. Thank you Daniel for providing pure enjoyment for so many.
Sandy H.
Walking along the hip Robson Street, I had to make a stop to check out this little chocolate shop! The glass case was filled with rows and rows of beautifully designed ganaches, butter creams, pralines, truffles, caramels, and more! I got three different chocolates. The first was the Dark Chocolate Maple...because when visiting Canada for the first time, you can't help but want to try maple everything! I was not disappointed! The maple had a nice rich flavor. I also got a Milk Chocolate Hazelnut that came as a cute snail shape. The hazelnut praline was creamy and paired perfectly with the milk chocolate. Lastly, I got the White Chocolate Lemon...clearly I like variety! A refreshing yet tart ganache encased in a sweet white chocolate. I really enjoyed all three chocolates! The lady behind the counter was very sweet. She packaged my chocolates in a cute little box tied with a ribbon. If only I had tried the chocolates before I got home, I would have bought more!
Lisa Y.
Fantastic chocolate and great service in the store. When I need gifts for clients or chocolate for my wife, the Robson location is my first choice.
Mitch Drew
Daniel's is the only chocolate I give as gifts (and buy for myself!); it's all natural and so delicious, no other chocolate I've found compares!
Susan Pike
This Chocolate Shop on Granville and 12th is our family's favorite. We visit it every time we are in Vancouver. We always buy several bags with Madeleine cookies and order tea latte and danishes. So far we've tasted Pear Danishes, Pistachio Danishes, Peach Danishes, Pineapple Danishes, Apricot Danishes and Apple Danishes.. We loved them all. This is actually the only place in Vancouver we know of, where pastries taste exactly the same as the ones in Parisian cafes and boulangeries... We also love to buy here mini chocolate bars with "Thank you" words or with images of Vancouver or Canada Flag on their wraps.
It is more than a chocolate shop! A friend took me there and it is a great little café. Their pastries are wonderful. They are fresh every day. They really remind me of France. I love the apricot custard Danish. The coffee is great and as a bonus you always get a lovely stick of dark chocolate with it ! You can't beat free chocolate with your coffee 🙂
Aley R.