At Daniel Chocolates, we take sustainability seriously. We attempt to source the most sustainable products available on the market and work with suppliers who follow the same goals.


A Focus on Natural Ingredients

Our chocolates are 100% natural and totally free of preservatives, artificial colourings, hydrogenated or tropical fats and GMO. We only use real cream, real fruits, and actual herbs and spices.

A Focus on Less Sugar

We have reduced the sugar content in our chocolates by adding 100% pure fair-traded, organic cocoa mass. Our milk chocolate is not 44% cocoa (from 36%), and our dark chocolate is now 66% (from 64%). To our knowledge, we might have the lowest sugar content chocolates on the local market now.

A Focus on Sustainable Packaging

We try our best to source packaging from eco-friendly sources as much as possible.

Our Kraft boxes are compostable, crafted and printed in Canada with card boards made in the U.S from 100% post-consumer fiber, and vegetal ink. They are glued by hand with vegetal glue. Content is packed in NatureFlex™ bags based on cellulose. This cellulose is derived from renewable wood pulp that is sustainably harvested from FSC managed forests .

All our corporate boxes are printed at Glenmore Packaging located in Richmond which is a printer certified by F.S.C (Forestry Stewardship Council).

The chocolate trays that we place in our boxes are recyclable and manufactured in Richmond.

Our logo carrier bags are 100% biodegradable “Oxo-Biodegradation Technology” and are also made in Richmond.

Besides using biodegradable chips in shipping, we do our best to reuse packaging materials whenever they are compatible with food safety concerns.

We are proud to partner with One Tree Planted to have one tree planted every day, joining the effort of fighting deforestation in British Columbia.

A Focus on Localized Economy

Cocoa trees do not grow in Canada, we rely on local suppliers that share the same values as ours whenever it’s possible.

All our corporate packaging suppliers (boxes, trays, etc.) are all located in the Greater Vancouver area.

The 36% heavy cream that we use intensively to create fillings of our chocolates is supplied by Meadow Fresh located in Port Coquitlam and is made only with B.C. Milk.

A Focus on Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a key factor for our sustainability. Daniel Chocolates actively supports organizations that are in the scope of B.C. General Health and Children Protection, Education B.C. Cancer Agency, Children’s Hospital, Children’s Heart Network and many more. We also support charities, sports organizations, local art scenes, and schools in Greater Vancouver.

We are also proud that most of or factory employees have been with our company for more than 20 years and a few of them for more than 28 years. The stability and job security of our employees are not only an assurance of the constant quality of our products but a definitive factor of our social responsibility.