Let's make your own custom chocolate box! To add your favourite truffles to the box, click on their thumbnail below. Please make sure you fill in the 16 available slots.

Make Your Own Truffle Box, 16pc


Daniel brings the most delicious assortment of truffles with their silky ganaches, bold taste, and natural ingredients.

Pure Chocolate, Pure ingredients, More cocoa, Less sugar

Choose your favourite truffle from the selection below:

Chocolate (D)

A grand classic ganache with 72% dark chocolate from Venezuela. Superbe!

Canadian Whisky (D)

Our signature 66% dark chocolate ganache infused with an award-winning canadian whisky and dusted with gold powder.

Cardamon (D)

Our signature 66% dark chocolate ganache infused with green cardamom seeds. A taste of South East Asia.

Chai-Vanilla (M)

Our signature 44% milk chocolate ganache infused with natural vanilla, and spices from India.

Fresh Lime (D)

Our 66% dark chocolate ganache infused with freshly pressed lime juice and lime zest.

Ginger Cinnamon (D)

A 66% dark chocolate ganache infused with cinnamon sticks and freshly extracted ginger juice.

Lemongrass (M)

Our signature 44% Milk chocolate ganache infused with lemongrass sticks.

Peanut Butter (M)

An all-natural smooth peanut butter mixed with our 44% signature milk chocolate and a dash of BC sea salt.

Peppermint (W)

A white chocolate ganache infused with peppermint essential oil. A winter delicassy.

Praline (M)

A delicious ganache mixed with Daniel's homemade praline; made from California walnuts and with very little sugar.

Salted Caramel (D)

A soft Caramel ganache infused with the famous French Guérande sea salt.


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