Workplace Procedures with Covid-19

– Updated February 2021 –

In addition to our regular cleaning and sanitizing procedures outlined in our Food Safety Plan we are adding in this document a number of protective actions that have to be respected by all in terms of protecting yourself and your co-workers from the effects of Covid-19.

This new plan has been presented to all employees working in our factory located at 88 east 7th Avenue in Vancouver, BC.

Access to the plant and Daily Health Check

  • At arrival, please see Pinky our Health and Safety Officer to answer her questions regarding possible close contact with people outside you bubble and questions about your health and member of your family and she will also take you temperature. You will be required to sign the form every working day. This information is recorded on your personal file that will not be shared with anybody.
  • Please do not come to work if you don’t feel well, call you doctor and describe your symptoms. Call Pinky to let her know.
  • Please don’t come to work if a member of your family has been diagnosed with Covid 19, call Pinky to let her know and wait for a negative test result before coming back to work. If the person is positive, stay home for 14 days and proof of a negative test before coming back to work.
  • You must wear a mask to access the plant and keep it all day on, except for eating and drinking obviously.

Hygiene and conduct

  • Please contact our Health and Safety Officer for any concern you may have about yourself, a co-worker or working conditions.
  • No “city” clothing or shoes are allowed anywhere in the production area. Please go directly to the changing room after meeting with Pinky and wear work clothing and shoes acceptable for working inside the plant
  • Wash your hands with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds before entering the production area.
  • Wear gloves, hair net apron and mask before entering the plant.
  • Please do not cough or sneeze on products or towards your co-worker, but do so on your arm
  • If you have to clean your nose, please change your gloves after throwing the tissue in the toilet, not in the garbage.
  • Sanitize your workplace using the spray bottle supplied before leaving for lunch and at the end of your shift.
  • Please do not go out during lunch time wearing your working clothes, but change before going out and change back to your working clothes before re-entering the processing plant.
  • Wash your hands often with hot water and soap according to our Food Safety Plan Hygiene and Sanitation and before re-entering the processing area.
  • Use your own tools and don’t share them. Tools have to be cleaned and sanitized at the end of the day.
  • Avoid working less than 2m from each other and wear mask at all time.
  • Stay 2m apart in the dining room and clean and sanitize all surfaces and equipment used to cook your lunch.
  • Only two people are allowed in the dining room at the same time as well as in the changing room. Please stagger your time for both and keep the same schedule every day.
  • Bring your own dish and cutlery and don’t share any of them with co-workers.
  • Wear protective equipment

Additional Precautions

  • Products entering the plant must be kept at the entrance of the plant. The driver is not allowed to go any further and not allowed to use the bathroom.
  • Receiving and checking the goods is done at the entrance. Receiver and Driver are to keep their 2m. distancing during the operation.
  • Receiver will deliver the items at their designated location right after the receiving.
  • Receiver will fill the receiving form with the date of receiving, the name of the company and the name of the driver.
  • After using the bathroom, wash your hands and sanitize the sink and the hot and cold water handles.
  • Please stay in your working area, avoid moving from one zone to another unnecessarily. If you have to go to another area to get something, keep your distance from the person(s) working in that area.

Working Areas

The plant is divided into 3 areas:

  • Area 1: covers the kitchen and the area where the filling tables are located.
  • Area 2: covers all the chocolate operations, melting and molding
  • Area 3: covers the de-molding, storing and packaging operations

Please avoid reaching to others area without a good reason. If necessary, try to keep your distance from the co-workers working in that area.

Hand Washing Stations

  1. Washrooms next to the store
  2. Ice cream room
  3. Kitchen
  4. Washrooms, men and women

Extra Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures

In addition to cleaning and sanitizing your usual station as prescribed in our Food Safety Plan, please note that the following places must also be subject to sanitation measures due to Covid 19:

Action By Whom When
Door knob, door bell and code keys entrance door sanitation Anyone opening the door As you enter
Shipper After a delivery by an outsider
Door knob changing room Anyone after touching the knob Right after use
Lunch room equipment, table and chairs Anyone who sat at the table or used the equipment Right after use
Door knob entrance door to the plant Anyone opening the door After use
Switches plant entrance and premises lighting Sonja Every morning when entering the plant
Plastic curtains inside plant Sonja Every morning
Washroom doorknobs Anyone entering the washroom Right after use

Other Policies Reminder

  1. Health and Safety

    Please consult our health and Safety Policies as a reminder of safe working practices anywhere in the plant especially when it comes to spillages and lifting heavy loads

    At all time be aware of the escape route in case of a power outage and remember to make sure all your close co-workers are accounted for.

  2. Bullying and Harassment

    More than ever it is very important to maintain a positive attitude towards each other and avoid all sort of conflict.

    Please do not hesitate to consult with our Heath and safety Officer, Pinky, for any matter that makes you feel uncomfortable.

    Thank you for your attention to these important matters.

Employees training on revised Covid 19 policy performed on February 19th 2021.